Centuarian Sauna

100% love it
Consider it Roman
The Centuarian Sauna for Men is the cleanest and most frequently visited sauna in Auckland. The sauna features lounges, an internet room, 14 private rooms, spa pool, dry sauna, steam room, maze, sun bed and a skin flicks.


    • uroskin
      uroskin Over a year ago
      Loves it

      World class sauna
      Still the world class venue as it has always been: spacious, clean, catering for a wide variety of relaxation options, including the non-sexual kind (you can just watch Sky Movies or mainstream TV if that takes your fancy but that would be a sign of serious perversion). But it is still eye-wateringly expensive. They have started a few theme nights, such as No-Towels-Nights, which are a whole heap of fun and brings out the exhibitionist in you. The atmosphere is far more congenial then, so I would recommend going then. When there are a lot of punters, the action opportunities slow right down so you may want to avoid busy times like Sunday afternoons.

    • SelfLubing
      SelfLubing Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Pretty good on a global level
      I went there for the first time back at the end of November 2011. I went on a Wednesday night at about 6pm and discovered that it was naked night on Wednesdays. Not a problem I thought. I told the young guy at the desk that I'd never been there before and he gave me a quick intro to the place. Gave me my tiny towel (hand towel size) and told me I could change it any time I needed to at the counter. I went in and changed - small but big-enough changing room, with lots of guys keeping an eye on who was coming in. My first task was getting a massage (professional - all business - and a good firm back massage) for 60 minutes at a dollar a minute. At the end of that I started to explore, and got quite a few approaches from some seriously masculine men. But I wanted to explore first. Guys seemed pretty shy about the naked night thing - most walked around holding the tiny towels in front of them. I did for a while too - until i realized it was getting so wet each time I went into the steam room or whatever, finally I got a final fresh towel and just put it in my locker and spent the rest of my night balls out naked which was nice. The place has a lot of different rooms for group action - there's a large cinema with three levels of seating (the top is a balcony from upstairs for the voyeurs) - there's a video space at the top of one staircase, and another room-within-a-room downstairs where high quality porn plays all the time. The sauna wasn't really all that hot, and not very popular either. Perhaps because it wasn't quite hot enough. The steam room was nice and hot, but again, not that popular. I think guys were being a bit shy - although it is one of the places I got off that night... The spa pool was small and tepid. Not hot enough really. I didn't spend a lot of time in the lounge, but it looked comfortable. The private rooms were kept clean - the counter guy made regular rounds with a bucket and cleaning stuff. Kinda odd that he kept on shining his torch on my hardon - but that's probably just wishful thinking on my part! I have been to saunas and sex on site places in five countries now - this one ranks pretty high.